Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Happy!!

Well, my baby boy has been home for a week today and we are all SOOOOOOOO happy.

Caitlin is back to herself. She is sleeping, eating and back to good health. She has got very used to us dropping everything and running to her at the first sign of discontent, therefore, she is being a bit demanding but compared to where we've come from, that is a HUGE improvement and something we can work on. After being a bit apprehensive of Tom she is now very excited and loves to have a cuddle and laugh at all the strange little noises he makes. I think she was a bit worried to start with about the fact that we would pop him on her lap and she felt very vulnerable about having him there, I think she felt powerless to stop him falling off her lap. Since we have come home, we have taken it a bit more slowly and reassured her the whole time that we have him and it has made the world of difference to her. It just goes to show how clever she is and how much she thinks about these things. Sometimes we just don't give her enough credit or stop to think about how these things that we take for granted, may effect her!!!

Grace is just the proudest big sister. She is constantly wanting to cuddle him and help out with his care. She loves it when he comes to school and she can show him off to her friends. We were worried that she might feel a bit of resentment or jealousy towards him, but that is definitely not the case. She is a special little girl and one I am very proud of!!!

Paul and I just keep staring at Tom and are continually amazed at the fact that we were able to make something that is so beautiful and so perfect. I know we are biased, but he is one good looking rooster!!!!
Legs is back at work this week so it will be interesting to see how we all go. I wish he had more time off work as I have really enjoyed having him around and watching him glow with pride every time he looks at Tom. I am possible going to go stir crazy as I am unable to drive and therefore housebound but I will do my best to be patient and I will just enjoy my time with Tom.

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