Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Crazy Week

Well, things are certainly getting silly as we head towards the silly season for our family.

Grace swam on the weekend and did a super job. She did a PB in her butterfly by 3 seconds which she was pretty pleased about.

This weekend she is swimming in two meets, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Hopefully she will do really well on Saturday as she will finally be swimming against 8 year olds instead of the older kids. We will see how she goes, there are so many good swimmers out there!!!!

Caitlin is cruising along. WE are getting very frustrated as we have been waiting on a new head rest and head switch for a while now and we were promised it would be sorted before the end of the year, however, surprise, surprise........ I have just found out even if it arrives before Xmas, we can't get a booking in the workshop to have it all fitted so at the very earliest, it's going to happen next year, just in time to interfere with her going back to school!! I would love to scream right now, but I just don't know who to scream at anymore. The system is a joke and I'm OVER IT!!!!!!

Tom is due to have his immunisation tomorrow. Poor little fella. Hope he is as brave this time as he was last time!!!! Hope I'm as brave as well.

I have meetings tomorrow and Thursday and then hopefully Tom and I can have a quieter Friday but somehow, I don't know that that will happen. Things just seem to keep popping up.

Legs is busy trying to get his units of work for next year done at the moment. Thank goodness his reports are finished!. Legs is going for his skippers ticket on Saturday with my Dad and my Brother. Wish him luck cos he thinks he is going to need it.

I will let you know how he goes next week.

I'm getting off this computer now as I have all of my night time chores to do still. See ya!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Go Grace!

A big weekend coming up, particularly for Miss Grace.

The weekend is starting off tonight with a game of indoor soccer for Grace and her friends. They are having a mixed season, winning some and losing some. Then we are off to Mum and Dad's with Ant, Beve and Paya where we are having a games night and sleep over. I'm sure there will be a couple of very sore heads in the morning! It should be a great night and one that we are really looking forward to.

Tomorrow starts early with Tball. Grace is supposed to be there by 7.30am. We are lucky to get there by the start of the game some weeks. I can't understand why it has to be soooooooo early. Then she has State Championships training in the afternoon.

The really BIG day is on Sunday for her. She is swimming in a meet at Challenge Stadium. This is a big meet with over 600 competitors so I'm told. She is swimming up a year level as there isn't any races for kids her age so she won't do very well but it will be great experience for her as I'm told this is a pretty scary meet to participate in. Hopefully this year will make next year not quite so scary for her.

The meet starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm, a massive day for us all. She has been chosen to swim in a relay which is fantastic, a bit of a feather in her cap and something she will really enjoy I think!

Well, it's time to go and pick the girls up from school. Caitlin has had some Singapore exchange students with them today so she was very excited! Tom has finally fallen asleep, just in time for me to wake him up - it's always the way.

I'll put some more photo's up soon

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Christening Photos

Finally I have got my backside into gear and put some photo's of Toms Christening up. We had him Christened on the 1st of Oct 2010 at The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Scarborough where Paul and I got married and we had Grace Christened too. Tom has two of the most beautiful people I know ( Rob and Clare )as his God Parents and he has now got two God Brothers ( Shane and Michael ). What a lucky boy!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This is going to be a short and sweet post as I am completely running on empty and need to get to bed.

Life has been fun, hectic, exciting and tiring all at once.

All of our visitors have left us now which has left us all feeling a bit flat. Their departure was followed straight away by our next ABR clinic. The clinic ran really well and we are starting to see some exciting changes in Caitlin. She has begun to use her right arm to support herself when you push her over to her side. It is still weak but she now has the ability to get her arm out and away from her body rather than tuck it in and under and she can take some of her weight through it. This is a big step in the right direction!!! Unfortunately the left arm is not there yet but we will continue to work on it. She is also sitting a lot better on her pelvis now. Such small gains with so much still to work on but we will happily take whatever we can.

I can't believe that Caitlin is going to hit the double figures this weekend. She will be ten on Sunday. I have been trying to work out what she wants to do but so far, she wants to do everything I am offering. It looks like we are going to the pool for a swim, meeting Nan, Grumps, Ant, Beve and Paya for a picnic and then going out for dinner. I think we might need to refine this a little bit. I love the fact that she can let us know what she wants, she is so clever!

Grace is flat out as usual. Mum and Dad took the girls camping on the weekend in the caravan and they both had a ball. Grace made a park full of new friends and Mum and Dad only saw her at meal times. She came home completely exhausted.

Tom is doing the backward caterpillar and he is getting up on all fours but he hasn't figured out how to go forward yet - it won't be long though. He is sitting up by himself for short periods of time but he gets quite frustrated because he wants to move around. He is really showing his personality now and he still melts my heart every day.

Legs is busy at work and is starting to think about what to do with his long service next year .............

Well, that's it for now. I will put up some photos when I can find five minutes so you can see how much Tom has grown.

By for now