Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Crazy Week

Well, things are certainly getting silly as we head towards the silly season for our family.

Grace swam on the weekend and did a super job. She did a PB in her butterfly by 3 seconds which she was pretty pleased about.

This weekend she is swimming in two meets, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Hopefully she will do really well on Saturday as she will finally be swimming against 8 year olds instead of the older kids. We will see how she goes, there are so many good swimmers out there!!!!

Caitlin is cruising along. WE are getting very frustrated as we have been waiting on a new head rest and head switch for a while now and we were promised it would be sorted before the end of the year, however, surprise, surprise........ I have just found out even if it arrives before Xmas, we can't get a booking in the workshop to have it all fitted so at the very earliest, it's going to happen next year, just in time to interfere with her going back to school!! I would love to scream right now, but I just don't know who to scream at anymore. The system is a joke and I'm OVER IT!!!!!!

Tom is due to have his immunisation tomorrow. Poor little fella. Hope he is as brave this time as he was last time!!!! Hope I'm as brave as well.

I have meetings tomorrow and Thursday and then hopefully Tom and I can have a quieter Friday but somehow, I don't know that that will happen. Things just seem to keep popping up.

Legs is busy trying to get his units of work for next year done at the moment. Thank goodness his reports are finished!. Legs is going for his skippers ticket on Saturday with my Dad and my Brother. Wish him luck cos he thinks he is going to need it.

I will let you know how he goes next week.

I'm getting off this computer now as I have all of my night time chores to do still. See ya!

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