Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOVING the weekends!!!

The Lenaghans have decided to make the most of the weekends, and the beautiful weather before baby number three arrives!!!

Last weekend we went camping in the caravan with Nan and Grumps down in Mandurah. While we were there we did some unsuccessful but lots of fun crabbing! Grumps, Dad, Mum and Grace went out while Caitlin had a Nanna nap with Nanny Jo. Grace and Mum did a lot of panicking and giggling while Dad and Grumps tried to secure a good one in the basket but we had no success. The few that did end up in their baskets were too small or pregnant so we had to put them back.

It was so relaxing and we all had a lovely time together. We could have done without Grump's snoring but we still managed to get a bit of sleep!!

On Sunday, Grace swam in a swimming carnival and she got two firsts and a very close second. She made Mum and Dad very proud. All of the hard work she has been putting in at training paid off!!!

This weekend we are going camping again! This time we are heading to Pinjarra with two families from Caitlin's class. One of the girls is Caitlin's best friend and her name is Tessa. Tessa is so good to Caitlin and they seem to have their own language, it is so amazing to watch the two of them together.
Dad is taking his boat and will go for a paddle with the other two Dads on the river!

We are really looking forward to this weekend. When we get back, Mum will put some photo's up to share with you all, until then, goodnight!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Week of Up's and Down's

This has been one of the toughest weeks we have had in a long time.

On Friday we went to Emma's funeral and it was so, so sad. I am still finding it hard to believe that she has gone and I will never get to see her again. Sarah and Michael put together a beautiful service that really reflected Emma. They talked a little about ABR and our trips to Singapore together. These are memories I will always treasure and never forget.

On Saturday, feeling completely emotionally and physically exhausted, we were up early and out the door for Grace's tball game and then a fundraiser for Caitlin. On one hand it was such a successful day and made me realise what wonderful family and friends we have surrounding us, that were prepared to come out and stand in the heat all day to help us, it also made me realise how generous strangers can be but it was tinged with a sense of guilt knowing that we were getting on with things and planning for the future while Sarah and Michael were at home struggling with their grief.

At the end of the day we raised over $3000 for Caitlin which is another ABR trip. The fundraiser was a success and we will back to do it all again next year.

Hopefully this week will be a little smoother......... only time will tell.
Until then, give those that you love a big hug, I know I certainly am and I will let you know how this week turns out soon.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Goodbye Emma

What a horrific week it's been. Our beautiful friend and ABR partner Emma has been taken from us way too early. I will miss Emma and those beautiful bright eyes. She is shining down on us up in heaven. Sleep peacefully Em, you put up a great fight and we are so privileged to have known you.
All my love and prayers to Sarah, Michael, Sophie and James. Please keep them in your prayers