Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tom Giving Kisses

This is Grace at the State Championships Carnival!

Legsy and I at U2!!! Another highlight of my year.

U2!!!!! I had the best night out

Grace in her new Ski Biscuit on Boxing Day. Too much fun was had by all.

Tom at Moore River.

Caitlin in the Ski Biscuit! How happy is she????

Caitlin and I ski biscuiting. She did not stop giggling the whole time we were out. Legs drove the boat very nervously but it was so worth it. She LOVED every minute of it.


Monday, December 13, 2010


Some pictures!

Thought it was about time I got some more pictures up! This is Grace with her winnings at her swimming carnival a couple of weeks ago,. She was the most excited girl EVER to have won a medal and it took three days for it to come off her neck 

 This is Caitlin enjoying a picnic. Shis is happy as always and very excited about Christmas just around the corner
 Tom helping us with the Christmas Tree!!! It was a night a will treasure forever. All three kids were gorgeous!
Tom loves to run around outside in his walker. He loves chasing the dogs!!!!
 Mr Blue Eyes!