Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun, fun, fun

Well, most of the family have come and gone now and while we are missing them desperately, we have some fantastic memories of our time together.

The kids had a ball. We did lots of fun things together and they were flat out the whole time.

We took all of the kids to Adventure World and we got to throw Caitlin down the water slides again!!! I had forgotten how fast those slides went and Caitlin took a dunk at the end. It threw her for a bit but she recovered and dared to go again!

We also got Tom Christened. He was the star of the show for sure. He was such a good boy and smiled the whole way through it.

Legs had his party and it ended about 4.30am with a dance and sing a long in the backyard!!!! It was a great night and one that I know he really enjoyed. It's always so special to have all of the the people that matter and that you care about in the one room, it's just hard to spend time with all of them at the same time!

Grace has been down South with Jack, Fran and Saraid. We have spoken to her every night and she is having the best time. Such special time for her to have Jack, Fran and Saraid all to herself and no doubt is being spoilt rotten...... We have defiantly missed her bubbly noise around the house but it has been really nice to cuddle my husband on the couch in peace by 7.30pm.