Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Weeks just suck!!!!

Well, this week has not had a good start for us.

Our family has suffered a devastating blow. My beautiful aunt and uncle were killed in a horrible accident and my cousin was injured and has a huge mountain to climb.

I have such fantastic memories of both my Aunty and Uncle. I remember my Aunties amazing cooking and going mud crabbing with my Uncle. I remember driving in their green jeep that had no roof and thinking it was the coolest car ever and I remember them coming to watch me play tball and freezing their back sides off when everyone else was hot!!! I remember my uncle taking me to the most northern part of Australia and showing me a cave that had bats in it!!!! It's very unfair and my heart is truly aching for my cousins, especially the one who was in the car.

This week has made me realise how much I love my family and how I need to make more of an effort with the extended family that I have around me. Family is so important and should be treasured, not taken for granted.

I have three beautiful children, the most loving and supportive husband, amazing parents, an awesome brother and the most delightful in laws and their families - how blessed am I !!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holidays are over.....

Well, the holiday have finished and the girls are Legs are back to school today. I love having them home and miss them when they go back to school but it is nice to get back into my own routine and catch up with friends for coffee!!!!!
We had a pretty quiet holidays by our standards. The first week was Legs and Caitlin in Singapore and the second week was pottering around home, learning the new abr exercises a lovely day spent at Hillaries with my Mum and niece at the Marine Discovery Centre and then a picnic at Brigadoon with my brother and his family.
Caitlin went to the Recreation Studio again on Sunday and they had a picnic, did some cooking ( Zucchini and choc chip cookies!!!!!) and they made a mask. She had a great time and seems to be really enjoying her time there.
Grace decided the weather wasn't cold enough to keep her out of the freezing water at Brigadoon and Tom really enjoyed the bush walk in his baby bjorn with his Dad.
All in all, the holidays were a success and now we are just counting down until the next lot!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We All Survived!

Last week, Legs and Caitlin went on a trip to Singapore without Grace, Tom and I.

They had a ball and got to spend some quality time working with Leonid which Legs found fantastic and was very relieved to find out from Leonid that his technique was OK - a horrible thought to think you are putting in all these hours and your technique sucks!
I had the week at home with Grace and Tom. I found it really hard putting Legs and Caitlin on the plane and think I cried all that day. I missed them terribly but after day one,I settled into a routine with the two kids and we ended up having a nice time together. I took them both to Aqua to see the sharks. Tom slept through the whole thing but Grace really enjoyed it. I think she just enjoyed having my attention all to herself.

Legs and Caitlin went to Singapore with Leg's sister Mic and they had a ball by all accounts. I was very jealous of the two of them, and especially of Legs getting to spend such quality time with Mic. They went on the Singapore Eye which I was very relieved they did without me cos I have no desire to do that EVER !!!! I would totally freak out. They also visited China Town and had a couple of swims in the pool. The best part was the positive report they got from Leonid though, it is always great to hear that things are heading in the right direction. I wish I had been able to hear it all though as sometimes it hard to see the changes when they are so subtle and so slow to come. We have such a long way to go and I just hope we can sustain the motivation to keep going for however long it takes. That's why getting the positive feedback is so valuable as it motivates you to keep going and keep getting the positive changes.

Only a couple of days left of school holidays and then we return to normal life. I Love school holidays so will be sad to see them end and everyone return back to school. Its so nice to have them home.

Have added a couple of photos of Tom. They are ones that Mum took when he was first born so they are about 7 weeks old now but I think they are very cute and worth sharing.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Babes!

Just some photo's I thought I would share of my beautiful family.
I love ALL of them very, very much