Sunday, March 28, 2010

Graces Massive Week!!!

Grace has had an enormous week!!!!

It started last weekend when she stayed with Nanny Jo and Grumps for the whole weekend with Caitlin while Mum and Dad took a break at a respite retreat in South Perth. The girls were spoilt rotten by their grandparents, going to the Museum and the Art Gallery and just generally being loved and adored by their Nan and Grumps.

On Monday, Grace swam in her Top Gun races at the Arena and did a PB in 50m butterfly by 10 seconds. An amazing effort and one she was very proud of.

On Tuesday, Grace competed in her first school swimming carnival, picking up two third places in the "A" division races and one fourth. She got third in backstroke and breastroke and fourth in freestyle. She was pretty wrapped with her efforts and so excited about getting the ribbons that went with that.

On Thursday she took the day off school to come with me to see the Doctor and have a look at the baby on ultrasound. Grace had a list of questions for the doctor which she asked and listened very closely to the answers. She was given her own photo of the baby which is now in a frame, and sitting proudly on her bed side table

Then on Saturday, Grace celebrated her 8th birthday. Her present from Mum and Dad was a new bedroom. She was relocated into a bigger room with a new paint job for the walls ( one pink wall with fairy glitter all over it, and the others an off white ), all new furniture that was hand painted to match her walls and a new doona cover. She celebrated her birthday with 3 of her friends who came for a sleepover and had a disco in the front room and then tonight, she had to go to mass to make her commitment for her reconciliation that she will make later in the year.

It has been a massive week for us all, but particularly Grace!!!! It's hard to believe my baby ( for only a little while longer ) is 8.
Caitlin has been fantastic, taking it all in her stride. She didn't get to compete in the school swimming carnival this year, but we have already decided that next year, she will compete in the kick board race. Unfortunately Mum didn't think about her entering for this year, but having been to one now and seeing how it all works, she would love the chance to participate and there is no reason why, with a bit of help, she can't get in the water and have a go. Luckily for us, we have an amazing coordinator of the special needs children who is more than willing to help us make this happen and is just as excited about the prospect of the previously thought of impossible to happen - how greatful to her we are!!!
Here's hoping that life will settle down a bit after such a big week, but I kind of suspect that's not going to happen for a while yet!!!!
I will keep you all posted........

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Weekend Away for Mum and Dad

How lucky Paul and I were this weekend to have a weekend away with the girls before the arrival of number three.

With only 10 weeks to go until bub arrives, we made the most of an opportunity that came our way to escape to South Perth for the whole weekend. There is a VERY generous lady who lets Carers stay in her apartment that over looks the Swan River for next to nothing.

On Friday night Paul and I went out to dinner and ate Indian, then on Saturday, we caught the ferry into town and wondered around before having a massage together. When we had finished in town we meandered back to our apartment where I promptly fell asleep for about 2 hours. Legs took himself down to the pub and had a few quiet n=ones before my brother and I joined him.

As a very special surprise for my birthday, Legs took me to see Chicago on Saturday night. It was a fantastic show and I felt very spoilt. We loved our time together and really enjoyed each other's company. We laughed, we cuddled and we relaxed - such a rare opportunity to do all of those things.

Of course, it had to end and we are back running around like blue ass flies and beginning to wonder if it WAS just this morning that we were away. I have had to go to the markets and do the fruit and vege shopping, with both girls in toe. On the drive home and spare tyre fell out from under my car and frightened the life out of me, all the while, Legs was at home madly cleaning the backyard and sorting sprinklers out in preparation for Graces bday next week.

Thank goodness we had had the weekend to catch up on some much needed R & R or goodness only knows how we would be feeling right now!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The Lenaghan's have been flat out lately - camping!!!! Woohoo

We spent a weekend in Mandurah with Nanny Jo and Grumps and their caravan club. WE had so much fun together, it was really sad to see the weekend come to an end. Grace, Mum, Dad and Grumps tried their luck at crabbing but didn't catch anything we could keep. Dad caught a couple of little ones and so did Grumps but Mum and Grace just did a lot of giggling and squealing. They're scary things when they come straight at you!!!!!

At night time the caravan club held a musical quiz night which of course Dad's table won.........

Grace (as usual ) adopted another family with some kids to play with and Caitlin just got spoilt by everyone around her. Caitlin was laughing so much at the quiz night, especially when one of the men did a really loud whistle and frightened the life out of her.

The next weekend was a long weekend and we went to Pinjarra with two families from Caitlin's class. Caitlin had the best holiday ever as the girls took Caitlin under their wing and instead of being entertained by Mum and Dad all weekend, she was entertained by her friends. They took her for bush walks and night walks, they ran her around and played chasey with her and they loved her as a friend. Mum and Dad were so amazed at Caitlin's' friends and so grateful that Caitlin has these beautiful girls in her life - they are true treasures.

During the day, everyone headed down to the rived to try and cool off. Chris and Jo had a run about with a ski biscuit on the back so the kids all got turns riding the biscuit, while Chris did his best to fling them all off. Caitlin had a blast riding on the boat as Chris went so fast, Daddy was scared he was going to lose his balance and end up in the water with Caitlin.

After a couple of weeks camping, we are all in need on some quiet time at home now. We have time at home, we're just not sure it's all that quiet!!!!!!!