Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The Lenaghan's have been flat out lately - camping!!!! Woohoo

We spent a weekend in Mandurah with Nanny Jo and Grumps and their caravan club. WE had so much fun together, it was really sad to see the weekend come to an end. Grace, Mum, Dad and Grumps tried their luck at crabbing but didn't catch anything we could keep. Dad caught a couple of little ones and so did Grumps but Mum and Grace just did a lot of giggling and squealing. They're scary things when they come straight at you!!!!!

At night time the caravan club held a musical quiz night which of course Dad's table won.........

Grace (as usual ) adopted another family with some kids to play with and Caitlin just got spoilt by everyone around her. Caitlin was laughing so much at the quiz night, especially when one of the men did a really loud whistle and frightened the life out of her.

The next weekend was a long weekend and we went to Pinjarra with two families from Caitlin's class. Caitlin had the best holiday ever as the girls took Caitlin under their wing and instead of being entertained by Mum and Dad all weekend, she was entertained by her friends. They took her for bush walks and night walks, they ran her around and played chasey with her and they loved her as a friend. Mum and Dad were so amazed at Caitlin's' friends and so grateful that Caitlin has these beautiful girls in her life - they are true treasures.

During the day, everyone headed down to the rived to try and cool off. Chris and Jo had a run about with a ski biscuit on the back so the kids all got turns riding the biscuit, while Chris did his best to fling them all off. Caitlin had a blast riding on the boat as Chris went so fast, Daddy was scared he was going to lose his balance and end up in the water with Caitlin.

After a couple of weeks camping, we are all in need on some quiet time at home now. We have time at home, we're just not sure it's all that quiet!!!!!!!

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  1. I am So jealous! Camping sounds like a lot of fun! I haven't been camping since 8 years ago!