Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Weekend Away for Mum and Dad

How lucky Paul and I were this weekend to have a weekend away with the girls before the arrival of number three.

With only 10 weeks to go until bub arrives, we made the most of an opportunity that came our way to escape to South Perth for the whole weekend. There is a VERY generous lady who lets Carers stay in her apartment that over looks the Swan River for next to nothing.

On Friday night Paul and I went out to dinner and ate Indian, then on Saturday, we caught the ferry into town and wondered around before having a massage together. When we had finished in town we meandered back to our apartment where I promptly fell asleep for about 2 hours. Legs took himself down to the pub and had a few quiet n=ones before my brother and I joined him.

As a very special surprise for my birthday, Legs took me to see Chicago on Saturday night. It was a fantastic show and I felt very spoilt. We loved our time together and really enjoyed each other's company. We laughed, we cuddled and we relaxed - such a rare opportunity to do all of those things.

Of course, it had to end and we are back running around like blue ass flies and beginning to wonder if it WAS just this morning that we were away. I have had to go to the markets and do the fruit and vege shopping, with both girls in toe. On the drive home and spare tyre fell out from under my car and frightened the life out of me, all the while, Legs was at home madly cleaning the backyard and sorting sprinklers out in preparation for Graces bday next week.

Thank goodness we had had the weekend to catch up on some much needed R & R or goodness only knows how we would be feeling right now!!!!

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