Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day Sky Show

Australia Day

We were so lucky to be given tickets by Variety through the Kalparrin Centre at PMH to attend this special night. The girls had a ball and not only did we have a great view of the fireworks, we also had free rides all afternoon on the show rides. Grace made the most of that opportunity going on the "Tumbler" and a few others while Caitlin and I watched from the ground.
A great night had by the Lenaghan - Thanks Variety!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Day !

Paul and I had a special day with Caitlin at the zoo because Grace had gone camping with her Nan and Grumps and we knew she needed to be spoilt rotten too. The zoo for us was a bit of a disappointment but Caitlin didn't seem to mind at all, she loved having our undivided attention as she took in the noises and atmosphere of the day - not to mention the heat!!
I guess we have been a bit spoilt by having the opportunity to go to the Singapore zoo and our poor zoo just doesn't compare. The part that I found soooooo frustrating, apart from not being able to see most of the animals was that Caitlin had no chance at a lot of the enclosures of being able to see anything at all because they had a safety rail right at the height of anyone sitting in a wheelchair!!!!!! It was heartbreaking for me, probably more so for me than for her but I just can't understand how this hadn't been thought of when the zoo was built. When I bent down to see at her level, all I could see was the wooden post and believe me, once you've seen one of them, you've seen them all!!!!!
I think the Perth Zoo is going to receive a letter from me sometime soon.
Having said all of that, Caitlin really enjoyed patting the snake and she loved the different noises she could hear. She really did enjoy her day and I enjoyed watching her enjoy it. We did attempt another ice cream at the zoo and she giggled her way through that one too only this time I got smart and let Daddy feed her!!!!

Too Cool For School!

What a spunk ! This is Caitlin and Legs at Hillary's. We took Caitlin there for an ice cream and what an experience that was! Caitlin's always found ice cream a bit cold for her sensitive mouth but today was something else.......
We got her a bubblegum ice cream and she giggled the whole way through it. It ended up with her laughing so hard, while she had a mouthful of ice cream that the ice cream flew everywhere, particularly all over me, which then had us both in stitches and Daddy running around trying to clean the mess up. We must have looked quite a sight to everyone around us but her laughter is so infectious, we couldn't help ourselves.

Holidays !

Today we left Daddy at home to have a sleep because he was up at 4.30am to take our friends Mick, Bec and Taj to the airport, so we went to Scitech!!!!
I had a really fun time at Scitech but I did get a bit freaked out be some of the different noises there.
I was sitting on this mat and trying to catch all the little fish that were swimming past me. The other kids were jumping on them but I thought it would be easier if I relaxed and sat down to do it - I just had to watch that my fingers didn't get jumped on!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Excuses

We are so lucky in Perth to have such perfect weather over the Christmas holidays. My husband and I decided that we were going to make the most of the beach this summer without any excuses!!! It's been so easy in the past to say it's too hard.
We did a little bit of research and found that there is a beach with a wheel chair ramp right down to the waters edge and a shaded area to park the chair in while we weren't using it. Perfect for us!!!
We packed the floating boat for Caitlin, snorkels and goggles for the rest of us and headed down.
It was the perfect way to escape the heat and have some lovely "normal" family time.
Caitlin loved the water and did not stop smiling - we got a lot of comments from strangers about how happy she was!!!
It took a bit of effort, but it was well worth it - so from now on - no more excuses !!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Xmas Day

My two beautiful girls on Christmas day!!!

Both the girls got spoilt rotten and loved every minute of Christmas day. Caitlin got a portable DVD player which is fantastic for doing ABR with. She watches her movies quite happily while we watch our movies on the big TV. It's a great way to distract her and allows us to get more hours of ABR in!!!!
Grace was given an electric guitar by her Nan and Grumps. She has been having a few very basic lessons with her Dad. It's really cute to watch them both. She has decided she would like to do some lessons at school, but with all the sport she does, I'm not sure she is going to have the time to fit practising in!
The girls Aunty Kaz and Uncle Stu sent over a heart necklace for the girls that you snap in half and they each wear a half. One half says "big sis" and the other half says "lil sis". The girls were very impressed with this and they have hardly taken them off - way to go Aunty Kaz!!!