Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Xmas Day

My two beautiful girls on Christmas day!!!

Both the girls got spoilt rotten and loved every minute of Christmas day. Caitlin got a portable DVD player which is fantastic for doing ABR with. She watches her movies quite happily while we watch our movies on the big TV. It's a great way to distract her and allows us to get more hours of ABR in!!!!
Grace was given an electric guitar by her Nan and Grumps. She has been having a few very basic lessons with her Dad. It's really cute to watch them both. She has decided she would like to do some lessons at school, but with all the sport she does, I'm not sure she is going to have the time to fit practising in!
The girls Aunty Kaz and Uncle Stu sent over a heart necklace for the girls that you snap in half and they each wear a half. One half says "big sis" and the other half says "lil sis". The girls were very impressed with this and they have hardly taken them off - way to go Aunty Kaz!!!

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