Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Day !

Paul and I had a special day with Caitlin at the zoo because Grace had gone camping with her Nan and Grumps and we knew she needed to be spoilt rotten too. The zoo for us was a bit of a disappointment but Caitlin didn't seem to mind at all, she loved having our undivided attention as she took in the noises and atmosphere of the day - not to mention the heat!!
I guess we have been a bit spoilt by having the opportunity to go to the Singapore zoo and our poor zoo just doesn't compare. The part that I found soooooo frustrating, apart from not being able to see most of the animals was that Caitlin had no chance at a lot of the enclosures of being able to see anything at all because they had a safety rail right at the height of anyone sitting in a wheelchair!!!!!! It was heartbreaking for me, probably more so for me than for her but I just can't understand how this hadn't been thought of when the zoo was built. When I bent down to see at her level, all I could see was the wooden post and believe me, once you've seen one of them, you've seen them all!!!!!
I think the Perth Zoo is going to receive a letter from me sometime soon.
Having said all of that, Caitlin really enjoyed patting the snake and she loved the different noises she could hear. She really did enjoy her day and I enjoyed watching her enjoy it. We did attempt another ice cream at the zoo and she giggled her way through that one too only this time I got smart and let Daddy feed her!!!!

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  1. I agree Singapore Zoo is really fantastic and leaves others behind.