Wednesday, June 30, 2010

School Holidays are Fast Approaching!!

Only two more days to go before Legs and the girls are on holidays and we are all hanging out for that.

It's been a really long term this term and particularly for our family with the ups and downs that went along with it. Life is never boring for us and we love it when it's all smooth sailing. This term Caitlin had Pneumonia and was sick for a very long time and then we had the birth of Tom so it has been a pretty turbulent ride, but we have weathered the storm and come out with smiles on our faces ( especially when we look into Tom's tiny little face! )

We are all really excited for Saturday to come because my sister in law is flying in for the day and we will get to spend some special time with her an introduce her to Tom. She is coming over to help Legs take Caitlin to Singapore. They will be gone for four days and I'm really wishing we were all going with them. Never mind, we will all definitely go next year and show Tom all the sights and sounds that we have come to know and love. As for the rest of the school holidays, we don't have many plans. Grace is doing a netball clinic for one day and of course there will still be swimming to run her backwards and forwards too and she has a couple of sleepover and play dates organised. Caitlin will be going to the Recreation camps run by the Centre for CP and we will probably do the trip to the zoo but other than that, just spending time as a family will be perfect.

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