Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr Tom.....

Well, tomorrow, Tom turns 1 month old. I can't believe how much he has grown already.

We had a rough week last week with him suffering with colic but after a bit of research on the Internet, I found a chiro in the USA who taught me some stretches and baby massage to do with him to release the wind and within 24 hours there was an amazing improvement.

He is now back to being the beautiful, content little man that we all love so dearly.

Life is starting to beat to a regular rhythm for us again. The girls are happy ( busy as always ) and Legs has got all his reports done and is counting down his time until holidays.

Tom is doing really well at night and I am counting down the time until I can drive again. Being stuck at home is starting to drive me a bit bonkers!

Grace is still swimming three nights a week, doing netball and playing soccer. She got a beautiful report and has been asked to join the Sparks class next term which is a huge honour for her and we are very proud of her. I think she would prefer to be doing the Sparks Art program but it is such an achievement to be chosen for Sparks that I hope she enjoys it and gets a lot out of it.

Caitlin is still doing ABR and is just back to being the delightful soul we all know her to be. We are looking at getting her into a recreation program on the weekends but are yet to start that.

Tom is really looking around now and is such a sticky beak when there are people around.

I still can't believe he is here and so perfect!!!

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