Monday, September 13, 2010

Caitlin and her Catherine Centre Teacher Mrs Burton

Many people have come into our lives with Caitlin but not many of them are as inmportant, compassionate and dedicated to our princess as her teachers. This is Caitlin at her First Holy Communion with her teacher Mrs Burton. Mrs Burton is not only an amazing teacher, she is someone I would call a friend who not only cares for Caitlin, but for me as well. She is there to fight the fight with me and to share in all the little milestones that are so huge in our lives.

Caitlin loves Mrs Burton and therefore, loves going to school every day. How blessed are we!!!!

Catilin did so well at Communion and she really enjoyed the whole process. She was so excited in the lead up to it that I think when the big day finally arrived, she was exhausted.

We are so very proud of you Caitlin, you are a star and we love you dearly.

Happy Holy Communion to you my girl!!!!!!

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