Sunday, May 16, 2010

One foot in front of the other

Well, only 1 week and four days until this baby will definitely be here..........

Life has been turbulent to say the least in the last month and we are still a long way from being settled. Caitlin's is improving but its a long, slow process and Paul and I have run out of puff. The pneumonia is fine, not a problem, the lip ulcer from biting, the diarrhea and the sleepless nights are still a nightmare.

I am nearly ready to pack my bags and say catch you later, I don't have the strength or the energy to dance this dance anymore and I know Paul is feeling much the same way. It would be so nice if there was someone that could take her, even just for a night and let us re cooperate. Not so, therefore, we keep putting one foot in front of the other, put on the brave smile that everyone expects and we carry on.

Grace is still struggling, now having nightmares every night that bring her into our bed in tears. They have been about her sister and it is heartbreaking listening to her recall the horrors inside her mind. She is trying sooooooo hard to make it all better for Paul and I as she can see how we are beside ourselves at the moment. She carries her book everywhere with her and the moment she hears Caitlin crying, she is there, reading away, just to keep the peace. She asked Paul and I to have a sleep while she looked after Caitlin for us on the weekend because she recognised the fatigue we are experiencing.

On a brighter note, Grace has started netball and is doing really well. I will show you some photos of her. She also got an honour certificate at school for being a kind and caring class member. She has taken it upon herself to look after one of the kids in her class who has special needs. My Grace is a super star!!!!

Hopefully next time I write I will have some very exciting news for you all.......................................

that being, we got some sleep!!!!!!!!!

Until next time

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  1. hang in there guys.... we can't wait to hear about your new little addition to the family.