Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not Great Preparation!!!

Well, with only three weeks and one day until this baby is due, I was hoping that the next hospital visit we would have would be to meet our newest edition..............

Of course, things never go quite as you planned them and all of our carefully layed plans have been thrown into chaos. Caitlin is sick.

Not just sick, she has pneumonia and has been in hospital on oxygen and IV antibiotics since Sunday. I would love to be able to tell you that she is home and all better but unfortunately, she isn't. She is home though. I had had enough of no sleep and missed the rest of my family so yesterday we came home. I figured that since they had stopped the IV antibiotics and put us on oral, and she was no longer requiring oxygen, there was nothing that they were doing for her that I couldn't do at home.

We came yesterday and I put the nasogastric tube down as she has shredded her bottom lip ( a sign Caitlin gives us when things are really distressing for her is to bite her bottom lip until it is so ulcerated, we don't know what to do with ourselves ). Hopefully this will take some of the stress away for her and for us.

Grace hasn't coped very well with this hospital stay. It is a lot for a little person to take on, and after what happened earlier in the year with our beautiful friend Emma, that played heavily on her mind. We had more tears from Grace last night as she watched Caitlin screaming in pain from yet another lip bite!!!! She snuggled into me and said " it's just not fair Mum...." No it's not, and it breaks my heart to see both of my beautiful girls struggling but hopefully with a bit of sleep and lots of cuddles, we will all bounce back in a couple of days, all just in time for the safe and extremely exciting arrival of Lenaghan baby number three!!!!


  1. oh big love and hugs to all and hopefully Caitlin is feeling much better before her little baby brother/sister arrives. And No, it's not fair.

  2. hope all is better Sam , please give Caitlin a big hug too from the Edmo's. Jana gives a special hug as well.