Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggs hausting Easter

We are a big fan of Easter in our house hold and we are all particularly fond of the Easter Bunny and his special visits.
This year was no exception!
We had my cousin and his family come and stay and they brought with them their 2 year old boy, who had never experienced the Easter Egg hunt before. Needless to say, he was very excited every time he followed Grace and found yet another egg. Caitlin was whizzed around behind the two of them with her bag collecting her eggs with a big smile on her face. She ate Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and enjoyed her day.

Grace on the other hand, started off with all guns a-blazing and then fell in a big hole. She has been running a high fever ever since, complaining of a belly ache and a beautiful hacking cough on her. Poor little bugger has not had a good start to her holiday, she has managed to do nothing more than lay on the couch and watch TV, something she rarely does when the sun is shining outside.

So far, Legs, Caitlin and I have managed to avoid it. We are crossing our fingers that it stays that way. We definitely don't want Caitlin getting it as we all know how fast she can go down hill and how it can easily turn into something more sinister in the blink of the eye.

We have our ABR clinic starting up this week so we need her to be in good form so she can show off all of her changes. I have to say, doing our videoing for Leonid always gives me an indication of how I think we are travelling and while last time I was very frustrated and disappointed, this time I was pleasantly surprised, particularly by the quad positing. I was able to get her into the quad position a lot easier than in the past and she was able to maintain it herself a heap better, encouraging signs for us all. I will let you know how we go at the clinic and what changes we are able to find this time...........

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