Monday, April 12, 2010

ABR Perth

Well, we have just returned home from sharing a meal with Sarah and Jensen after another busy but successful week of ABR.

I always come away from these clinics feeling revived and ready to tackle the next 4 months with enthusiasm. It is so easy at the end of the four months, just before we see the trainers again to have self doubt about why we are doing this and how much longer we can keep going for. Sometimes I just want all of the big, milestone changes NOW and I don't want to wait. I need Sarah to sit down with me and show us all of the fantastic changes that are happening to Caitlin's structure and to remember where we were before we began our ABR journey.

It is so rewarding to sit back and look at the photos that prove there is change happening and know that it is because of the hard work that we as a family are putting in that is making these changes possible and then I think about how these changes are making the functional changes happen for us and I feel so proud, not of myself, but of my whole family. ABR is a whole family commitment and we all just get on and do what we have to do without too much complaint because we love Caitlin and want only the best for her.

It is only on reflection that I think about the sacrifices we are making. Legs does most of the ABR at the moment as my big fat belly that is full of arms and legs makes it hard for me to maintain the positions comfortably, but while he is doing that, I am responsible for making sure that the rest of the household is able to run smoothly and all the "other" jobs are done. Grace makes a massive sacrifice as there is just an expectation of her to do what she has to do without us reminding her or supervising her. There is also a lot expected of her to just get on and help out with the house work, to be responsible for her own things and help out with Caitlin where it is needed. A big ask for an 8 year old and yet she does it all without making a fuss and most of the time so lovingly and then there is Caitlin who just gives 100% to everything we ask of her and happily allows us to put in the hours of ABR on her while she lies quietly.

How lucky we are as a family that we have not only found ABR and have a lot of hope for Caitlin's future, but that we are such a strong family unit that we can work through it all and make it work for us. I love my family so much and I am so thankful to each and every one of them, and how exciting to think that in about 6 weeks time, we will be a family of 5 and not 4!!!

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  1. Thanks again Sam for getting the ABR clinic set up. The Perth families would struggle without your dedication to these clinics and we all appreciate your hard work. Good luck with the next addition to the family and we look forward to catching up soon

    Paul and Verena