Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Can't Believe It's March Already!!!

I'm not sure what is happening to this year but it is just flying along.

My little man is already nine months, my girls are in years 4 and 5 and I am back at work!!

Life has been really exciting but really busy lately. Grace (as usual ) is keeping us chasing our tails with all of her sport. Tball has now finished for the year. She finished up playing her 50th game and then had the State Championship Weekend last weekend. She won her teams fairest and best player which she was so excited about and they came third in the states weekend.

She has also been swimming and playing soccer. She has her Club Champions Night for her swimming on the 26th of March which should be a lovely night. Paul and I are taking her while Mum and Dad look after Caitlin and Grace.

Caitlin is doing really well. I don't want to jinx myself but she has been completely medication free for 3 months now and so far so good. Let's hope it stays that way. I still get jumpy and watch her like a hawk at times but she just keeps on trucking. I am wondering how long, if ever, it will take for that jumpiness to go away!!! She is doing really well with her communication PODD book and head switch at school. She told her speech therapist that she went to the circus the other week and she asked her teacher where one of the Teacher Assistants was when she was away. This is such an exciting time for us. She is just so clever and giving her a voice will allow us to see just how clever she is. I couldn't be a prouder Mum when I get these stories from school. How nice it will be to finally be able to talk with my girl and find out all of her thoughts and dreams!!!!

Tom is my miracle man! I know I dribble on about him all the time but I still just find myself staring at him in amazement that I actually have him. He is the easiest baby in the world. He sleeps perfectly, eats like a horse and is just one very content little person. He adores his sisters and follows Grace all around the house. He is still just cruising the furniture and crawling. When he doesn't realise I have let him go, he will stand for a few seconds but the moment he cottens on to the fact I have let him go, he plonks down onto his backside.

Legs is back at work. Don't know that he is all that excited to be there. I think he is much happier in the primary school environment but for now, he will stick it out where he is. He is working hard with helping me with the kids and doing most of Caitlins ABR. I am so blessed to have him!!!

Well, I am going to try and post a video and some photo's for you all so wish me luck,


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