Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girly Day!!!!

What a day the girls and I had today.

I decided that the girls and I needed a girly day and Tom and his Dad needed some boy time so I set out for a really special day.

The girls were spoilt rotten and it's really lucky I don't do it very often cos it cost me a small fortune but it was worth every penny!!!

We started off by going to pick up the girls order for school which was quick and not very exciting but the day did get better from there.

We then went and ordered Caitlin some really groovy glasses. Her prescription has changed and thankfully she no longer needs the milk bottle thick glasses. She now has lenses that aren't very strong and so she can go for a regular frame rather than one that can cope with the thick lenses. This improvement is because she is growing up and so the shape of her eye is growing and changing too. We tried on a few pairs with her and with Grace's advise two pairs were chosen. One of them is the same pink colour as her wheelchair and the other is a purple lens. She looked so grown up in the and very smart!!!!
After that the fun really began. I took the girls up to my favourite shop in Joondalup "Shens". They do really good, deep and cheap massages so the girls layed on the table and had a massage from top to bottom. Caitlin giggled and sang out the whole way through it, she absolutely loved it. Grace looked like she was going to nod off to sleep at any stage but she was also a bit worried that they were going to massage her butt. I had to ask them not to do her butt and she also wouldn't lye down, she would only sit up because she had a dress on. Despite all of that, she had the massage and really enjoyed it.

We then did a bit of window shopping. The girls looked at the clothes and showed me all the things they loved. After lunch, ( where Caitlin ate a whole plate of pasta ), I took the girls to have their finger nails painted. Actually we got Grace's finger nails and Caitlin's toe nails done. Caitlin chose a blue glitter which looks absolutely fab and Grace got green and gold fingers!!!!

We then decided that Caitlin needed a pair of thongs because she doesn't have a pair and she needed some to show off her toe nails so we went into Kmart and found a pair that fit and were on special - excellent.

After that we went home and picked up all of Grace's pocket money that she has been saving forever and I took her back to Joondalup where she brought a pair of "Heelies". These are the shoes that have the wheels in them so they can either walk or roll along. She was the most excited girl in the whole of Perth I think!!!!

After that we went to swimming. While Grace trained, Tom had a splash around in the water. He loved it when the water bubbled up from the jets and being a typical boy, he positioned himself so he was sitting on it!!!!!!

So that was our day today, what a ripper it was for us all.

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